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What Is The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair?

For those who have pets, you might notice that they often sleep on sofas and beds. If you have a carpeted floor, they tend to stay there too. With a vacuum cleaner, you can clean scattered pet hair quickly and easily. For this very purpose, try to go for models that are designed to do such task. These models have specialized bristles that can attract and grab even the finest pieces of hair. Others have also special attachments that can simplify the task of cleaning up hair from a dog or cat.
What the Vacuum for Pet Hair Can Do

Basically, vacuum cleaners for pet hair are designed to pick up dander and pet hairs that normally cling to rugs, carpets, sofa and other furniture products around the house. It has unique features which assist in the task of pet hair removal. It may come with a pet turbo brush and powerful contour tools which help in removing every kind of pet hair.
With a quality pet hair vacuum, you expect it to trap 100% not only pet hairs, but also dust mites, dander from cat, etc. For example, a cat’s dander can be very sticky when it finds its way on to the carpets. These are also very tiny and may be difficult to fish out. But with a good pet hair vacuum, you can effectively deal with it.

Features to Consider in Buying a Pet Hair Vacuum

As the current market is already flooded with the different brands and models available, you may ask what is the best vacuum for pet hair?
Choosing the best one for you can really be a bit of a challenge. Here are some features that you should look for in a pet hair vacuum to help you buy the best one:
Good Suction Power
Pet hairs are well known as difficult debris to remove especially in a carpet. Some even blend with the color of your carpets. With this, make sure that the vacuum cleaner you choose has superior suction power in order to thoroughly and effectively get rid of such dirt and other forms of mess.
HEPA Filter
Today, most pet hair vacuums are HEPA filter certified. That means that they are able to remove dust and allergens in any area of the house. As most consumers demand for better air quality when using vacuum cleaners, the HEPA filter has become a necessity for most families, especially those with allergies and asthma.
HEPA filters are very efficient in eliminating or minimizing airborne particles from various surfaces like upholstery and carpets, making the air in your home healthier. Just in case you don’t know, the indoor environment can be a breeding ground for dust mites, allergens, mold, and other forms of microorganisms.
Aside from triggering asthma and allergies, it can also lead to serious health problems like headaches, itchy eyes and nose, fatigue, and other acute and chronic illnesses. Currently, most vacuum cleaners incorporate the HEPA filter feature as part of their filtration procedure.
Dust Bag Indicator
This factor is often overlooked by most consumers. In order to make sure that the vacuum cleaner is working optimally, ensure that its dust bag is not kept full. With this, you need a dust bag indicator that will let you know if the bag already needs to be emptied. For those who are allergic with dust and other small particles, this is very beneficial as it avoids having dust floating in the air due to an overflowing dust bag.

Crevice Tool and Other Attachments

Pet hairs tend to get stuck in several areas of the house not only in carpets but also in narrow spaces like stairs, armrests and curtains. Cleaning such areas with just a regular brush may not be that effective. Thus, try to look for vacuum for pet that is equipped with an assortment of cleaning tools.
Such attachments can help you clean thoroughly those hard-to-reach places. You can also use the crevice tool which is great for those very small corners in the house such as small cracks of the floor as well as floor tile spaces. There is also the upholstery attachment which can help you out clean the upholstery furniture efficiently.

What I Recommends For Pet Hair Vacuums?

best vacuum for pet hairbest vacuum for pet hair
There are a lot of vacuum cleaners available in the market these days. Some of these have features which are designed to effectively clean pet hair. Among these vacuums is the Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum. This vacuum makes use of Root Cyclone technology that separates dirt from the air by centrifugal force. In so doing, it ensures efficient cleaning with no clogging or loss of suction.

best vacuum for pet hairbest vacuum for pet hair

If your budget is constrained, you can look for these vacuum under $150, there are good for pet hair as well:
The Eureka Boss Smart Vac features onboard tools as well as a stretch hose for above-floor cleaning. Its 15-inch cleaning path provides faster results for the user. What’s great about this is that has a 3-stage dust-trap system and HEPA filtration system, making it very effective to get rid of those dirt and allergens around the house.
Mean while the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series is more handy and ideal for small storage spaces. It has a brush roll shut off pedal that makes it easy to transition from carpet to hard floors. There’s also a system check indicator that will alert you when the rinseable filter, HEPA and Carbon filters should be cleaned. On-board tools such as pet hair turbo brush 12-inch extension wand, crevice tool and pet furniture nozzle with rubber blades are also included.
You could check out our recommendations of inexpensive vacuum under $100 as well.  If budget is not an issue for you, consider the Dyson DC39 Animal. Although this device may cost more compared to other options, its features and cleaning power are worth it. It is a full-size canister vacuum designed with Ball technology for greater maneuverability.
For greater control, it has a central steering mechanism. Its Radial Root Cyclone technology enables this device to capture more dirt than any other. You don’t have to worry about further cost as well as there are no bags or filters to replace. Please refer to below video for further understanding on Radial Root Cyclone Technology and why it is crucial to understand for us as consumer.

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